Monday, September 10, 2012

Stone Soup

At the beginning of the summer, the children and I decided to plant a little Stone Soup garden.  We had been given this darling tin of seeds, which also contained instructions and a stone, to start our garden, and all we had to add was the book, Stone Soup by Marcia Brown.

After reading the book, we planted seeds in an old metal bucket that Bryce had drilled holes in for drainage.  

The garden certainly grew, but we did discover that we had really overcrowded it!  Oh well, lessons learned while gardening can be tucked away for next year.

However, we did get a small crop of beans and carrots!  And we got lots of tomatoes.

Last night, to celebrate our garden, we made stone soup using the recipe provided in the kit.  We even included the stone!  Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the soup but it turned out delicious and we all ate it up!


  1. Why to I love everything you do!!!??? This is absolutely incredible!!! My kids would go crazy happy for this! I must do it next year...I really need to remember!! :)

  2. Mighty fine produce. Love those soil coated hands. Impressive crop for having been produced in a simple galvanized tub. Should be an inspiration to those with limited yard space. The children look pleased with the results of their labor. Happy harvest!


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