Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I can hardly believe that we have been home from our trip for almost three weeks!  Honestly, I've had a bit of a hard time adjusting and I'm not sure why.  I've found myself to be unmotivated, lethargic and at loose ends!  I think that our time in the RV was so good for me to be inspired and active and I need to find a way to incorporate that into my daily life here at home.

I've shared before our thoughts on purchasing souvenirs from vacations and this vacation was no different.  We purchased an ornament for our Christmas tree, a lovely book about Yellowstone and a piece of art.  My definition of art is very broad and I've included a beautiful Pendleton blanket in that catagory.  Did you know that Pendleton has made a blanket for various National Parks since the early 1900's?  I love that I got my  Glacier blanket (it's so, so soft!) at Glacier National Park.  For now, it's thrown on the chair in the office/library and every time I glance over it reminds me of our amazing time in Glacier!


  1. Love the blanket! You and I must have the same idea on souvenirs, we always get useful items to remember our trips and christmas ornaments! haha. Great minds, I tell ya.

  2. I wish I could take you with me on all our trips...so you could help me pick out cool souvenirs! I absolutely adore that blanket!


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