Monday, October 3, 2011

Dinner and a Movie- The Water Horse

We used to do dinner and movie nights a lot.  We would watch the Little Mermaid and eat seafood or watch Curious George and have banana pancakes.  The children always loved it and it made dinner a little special for those family nights.  However, somewhere along the way those dinners disappeared, along with our regular monthly family nights!  We've decided to make Family Nights a priority again and we started with dinner and a movie.

Months ago we read the book, The Water Horse by Dick King-Smith and really enjoyed the sweet, simple story of friendship, hope and love.  I thought the children would enjoy the movie but, I was stuck on themed food.  In the end, I ended up sticking a dinosaur bath toy in each of the children's soup (I washed it well!) and hoped it looked like the loch ness monster!  I think the children got a kick out of a toy being in their food as much as anything else.  I also made pudding for dessert and stuck a cut up gummy worm in it (I used a food writers pen to draw the eye).  I'm not sure why I thought the loch that the water horse lived in was swampy looking-  I'm pretty sure the lochs in Scotland are crystal clear and beautiful not brown and dirty looking.

I have to note that the children didn't enjoy the movie as much as I had hoped.  They found it scary in several parts because of the addition to the story of the war and bomb attacks.  Also, Harris was devastated by the idea that the boy wouldn't see his "best friend" ever again.  Having read the story, I assumed that the movie would continue in the same vein and I didn't preview the movie before watching it.  That was an error on my part, especially knowing how sensitive my children are to movies.


  1. This is such a nice tradition, and I'm sure everyone is happy to be doing it again. I neglected to mention that you will want to preview the book I sent in the last package as well.

  2. I am sorry your first time back to ff nights wan't a huge success.... But three cheers for getting it back into your routine again!! I imagine your kiddos are going to have such anazing memories of all you special family fun!!!

  3. We have lost our family nights too..with our move. I needs to be a priority. It is one of my fondest memories of my childhood! My parents never missed family night...and as I became a teenager, I never wanted to miss it either. It had become a part of my life...and helped me stay close during those high school years!
    I absolutely love the sea snakes!!!!!


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