Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Snowstorm

Wow.  The past few days have been crazy and extraordinary.  We had a snowstorm, in October!  I knew we were going to get some flakes, but I was not prepared for a full day of falling snow.  Neither were the trees because many of them still had their leaves on!  Leaves and snow do not make for a good combination and we had lots of downed limbs and trees.  Thus, we lost our power for 24 hours (we are lucky that was all it was, lots are still without power) and had to make a bit of adventure for ourselves!

*Out came the hats, mittens, winter coats and boots for some snow play.  I should mention that I had not even gotten around to moving our pool bag out of the mudroom yet!  When it was time to come in hot cocoa was served halloween style.

*Our great neighbors, who did not lose power, were gracious enough to have an impromptu dinner party and game night with us!  It was super fun.  We shouldn't wait until we have no power to do something like that.

*Saturday night was our scheduled pumpkin carving night, but we moved it to Sunday and then we moved it to my Mom's house!  Going pumpkin picking in the snow was a first for me!

 *Golly, we love roasted pumpkin seeds around here!  I use a little olive oil and kosher salt and they are delicious!

*This years scary pumpkins.


  1. Oh boy! ! The photos and subject matter - a treat for the eyes. I don't remember EVER pumpkin shopping or carving with snow on the ground. What a memorable time. The jack-o's are wonderfully scary. Happy Halloween ! ! !

  2. I can't believe all the snow you got! At least it made for some fun new experiences and memories. It may end up being one the kids bring up for years to come! :)

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