Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Week Menu

A few nights ago we began enjoying our dinners Halloween style.  It's become a tradition and the children love it!

Halloween Week Menu

Open face jack-o-lantern turkey burgers (faces are cut out with cheese, like this)
Black bean soup with sour cream spider webs
Baked potato bugs
Chili with mummy dogs
Chicken Pot Pie with eyeballs in the crust

*I used pizza dough from our local pizzaria, and I put pepperoni over the whole pizza but under the cheese.


  1. What a fine looking pizza fellow. I wonder what reaction I'd get if I served Al's favorite (hamburgers) with cheese faces like those! The black bean soup sounds good as it was 17 degrees this morning.

  2. We love eating halloween style...and I have to admit...YOU ROCK AT IT!!!!

  3. I wanna come for dinner at your restaurant!!! Smashing! Wonderful! Fun!


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