Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper towels vs. towels

Did I ever tell you that we gave up using paper towels?  We did and it has been so much easier than I would ever, ever have anticipated!  After reading about the huge amount of waste that is created each and every day by paper towels (not to mention deforestation, toxins emitted by the bleaching process, and fossil fuels used in transportation), I was curious whether or not this was something that we could give up in our household.  It's now been a year and a half and we haven't missed them at all!

I purchased these towels to use in the paper towel's place and they are still going strong!  They are a bit smaller than a normal paper towel, but that hasn't been an issue.  Also, I just throw them in the wash with my regular loads of laundry- I don't do a special load just for them.  We keep them in our tilt out door in our sink cabinet, I love that counter space is not taken up with a paper towel dispenser anymore!

I just want to encourage you to think about trying to use less/no papertowels.  Our environmental issues seem so massive and large but I really believe that we can make a difference!  Please share what efforts your family is making so that we can learn from each other!


  1. Thank you so much for the link of where you got them. I go through way too many paper towels and have started to (slowly) switch over to using cloth, but aren't sure of what ones work the best.

    Also, did you use cloth diapers? I don't have kids but when I do I really would love to use them!

  2. I use paper towels a ton! I feel bad to say...but I haven't really thought about giving them up! I love the idea! I will commit to giving it a try...when we get settled in our new home. Thanks for the link to those towels!

    Coley, commented about cloth diapers...I tried them, but we travel so much, I gave up. But I have several friends who swear by them!!!


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