Monday, October 17, 2011

The Children's Playhouse

I've never posted about the playhouse because we've still been putting finishing touches on it.  However, I've realized that this little house is going to be just like our house in that it will continually be evolving and changing as the children grow.  Time will determine how it is used and how it is "decorated."

Al built the frame for the house, Bryce completed a lot of the woodwork and details and the children and I painted it.  It really was a family affair! 

The door is one from our house that was taken out during the kitchen remodel and stored in our garage.  Al cut the door in half in order to make a charming dutch door.

 Plexiglass is in each window and the windows on the side and in the loft can all be opened.  I also love the cedar shake on the roof!  Maybe we will get lucky and some moss will grow up there!

 Tomorrow I will post about the inside and the fun little details of the house!


  1. I love love love it! I would play in it day and night!!!!

  2. What a great space for them! They will get so much use out of it. Great job.

  3. I see I didn't leave a comment here yet. My favorite pic is the one with Harris up and Grace down. The house turned out memorably; inside and out! So happy we could be a part of it.


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