Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Detective Invitations

It's that time again!  Harris' birthday is in two weeks and we are having a small, at home party with a detective theme.  I found the perfect invitation at Rifle Paper Co.  I stamped each envelope "top secret" and added a mustache on the back for fun (in these pictures I've blurred our city name before the detective society).  Now it's time to plan the party!


  1. I LOVE planning my son's birthday parties! I can't wait to see what you do this year! I've done dinosaurs (3), baseball (4) and this past June was science for 5. Already thinking of what we'll do for 6....I have had all of his parties at home, they are the best! Happy Birthday to Harris and will be anxiously awaiting the party details!!

  2. Great sleuth-looking invitations. We, too, await the party details and photos. Especially anticipate seeing the cake! Wonder if there will be spy costumes. . . . .

  3. Those are so nifty! I can't wait to see your other detective goodies!!!!


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