Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I can't believe that October is already here!  As ready for fall as I have been, I haven't been in much of a Halloween mood (just ask my Mom who has been trying to get me to focus on costumes!).  Because of our ongoing chaos construction at the house I'm not able to put pumpkins, mums and fall decorations out on the steps and I believe that that has helped to put a damper on my enthusiasm.  However, the children are not lacking for enthusiasm and were super excited to decorate the house yesterday.  So we put on some halloween music, poured some cider and pulled out our Halloween bins!  And do you know what?  Their enthusiasm and the decorations combined to get me excited as well!  Plus, it's always fun to switch things up in the house!

This year, I pulled all of our pumpkins together for a cute display on the cake plates.  I love how cheerful they look!


  1. Ummmm. What a cozy glow that gives to the room! I got our Fireside candle out last night. It's forecast to dip into the 30s tomorrow evening. Perhaps when our guests are here Sat. night we'll even have a fire in the fireplace!

  2. So cheerful and delightful!!!! We are going to set up Halloween shop tomorrow! Whoooohooo for fall!

  3. It looks fantastic...and looks like a happy halloween house!

  4. I like the pumpkin on cake plate idea. Cute :)


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