Friday, June 10, 2011

Pantry staples list

I don't like to grocery shop.  Therefore, I make an effort to only go to the store about once a week.  I make a weekly menu which I then use to make my grocery list.   I've found it to be much easier to shop with a set menu planned because my shopping excursions don't take nearly as long!

I rely heavily on always having pantry staples in the cupboards and find it ever so frustrating when I discover that I am out of baking powder right as I am in the middle of baking!  To help make sure that this doesn't happen I've made a pantry staples shopping list on the inside of our cabinet doors.

I bought specially sized chalk-board stickers at an etsy store and wrote my pantry staples on the inside (Bryce sketched the cute little pictures for me).  Now, when I use up the last of the relish I can simply check it off so that it won't be forgotten when it comes time to make my grocery list.  I didn't include things that I buy every single week, such as eggs, milk, bread and butter.

I love anything that is useful, cute and convenient!


  1. This is exactly that...cute and convenient!

  2. This is so crazy, I just got done painting the inside of my cabinets for the exact same purpose! So glad to see it works out for you ;)

  3. I love it! This may be a new use for my chalkboard inside of my cupboard!


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