Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I woke up this morning to little footsteps on the stairs and whispers in the kitchen.  I hopped out of bed with the intention of getting the pancake breakfast that I had planned for Bryce started.  In the kitchen I found two children who had begun preparing their Dad a special "Father's Day breakfast in bed".  They had already poured some cereal, gathered some flowers and sliced a banana- they even put orange juice in a coffee mug since they didn't know how to make coffee!  It was obvious that the pancake breakfast would have to wait because the specialness of doing something for their Dad all on their own was way more important than a pretty table and fluffy pancakes.  

I believe he thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast in bed and he later enjoyed a brunch of pancakes, bacon and fruit!

I feel very fortunate that my children have such a great Dad and that I get to be on this journey of parenthood with such an amazing person.  Happy Father's Day Bryce!


  1. Reading this post and reading about your family just makes me smile and really happy. You seem like a very cute and loving family. I like that even your children wanted to surprise their dad and prepared a nice breakfast! And you also made pancakes with love. :-)
    I'm just not used to this love and care showing in family...

    I wish you and your family to keep showing your love and surprising each other as much as you can and just having a good time and happy moments like these.

    The pictures are pretty and have nice colors and really makes me happy.

    You'll probably think my comment is weird and I came from nowhere but I just happened to cross your blog and felt that I had to comment this post.


  2. This is so precious. I remember doing this same thing when I was a kid and look forward to my children doing this one day as well :)

  3. I love children! And yours ROCK!!
    What a special day! =)

  4. How do I follow comments like those! Just want to let you know we were able to see this tonight, and how much we appreciate you all appreciating one another in the many ways that you do.

  5. Well sweet memories, when i was child i also use to play in same way with my dad.

  6. so nice to see that love between father and daughters.

  7. Well it brings me my some sweet memories with my parents.


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