Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Cottage by the Sea

The children and I arrived yesterday for a vacation with dear friends on Block Island.  I'll not be posting regularly this week so that I can enjoy this beautiful island!  Hope your week is grand!


  1. Love the cottage! Have a fantastic time!

  2. I found your blog via Pinterest when I searched for a photo of Ribbon Candy in a jar and I found yours. It's so beautiful - I love filling glass jars/vases/bowls with holiday things - it's an inexpensive and colorful way to decorate! I read your posts about Christmas (let me back up a little - I'm celebrating Christmas in July - you can read all about it on my blog) and I love some of your ideas, especially the Santa Party - so cute! When I clicked on your most recent post to leave this comment, I see that you are vacationing on Block Island. Is that the Block Island in Rhode Island? I am in Rhode Island, too, what a small world the blogsphere can be! Have a wonderful vacation.

  3. Thank you Pamela! Yes, we were in Rhode Island on Block Island! It was absolutely amazing and beautiful!



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