Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harris' Closet

Harris' closet is very quirky because it is over the staircase coming up from the foyer.  Therefore, you have to walk up two stairs to step into his closet and then you are standing in a teeny, tiny, narrow room.  When we first set up his room, as a nursery, we purchased some closet shelving from the Container Store which has worked well, but as he has gotten older the closet has gotten messier and messier!  It was to the point where he was just shoving things in the closet when it was time to clean up!

I've been thinking about what to do with this space for a long time, and I know that there are lots of fabulous things that I could have done with the space (a reading nook, a desk area, etc.) but in the end we stuck with storage.  Harris has lots of little bags full of goodies- an explorer bag, his owie doll bag, a science equipment bag and a spy kit are just a few- so we needed a place to hang all those bags.  I painted a pegboard with chalkboard paints and Harris drew the outlines of his bags onto the pegboard.  We are hoping this will help him stay organized!

We hung up some of his favorite gnome pictures.

I found this adorable dog hook at Anthropologie (on sale for $3.95!).

Harris only has a few dress shirts that need to be hung.  I'm not yet ready to get rid of these adorable frog hangers that my sister gave me when I was pregnant with Grace.
Hopefully, Harris newly organized closet will inspire him to keep it that way!

P.S.  My Mom helped Grace make that science bag for Harris as a gift for his birthday!

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  1. That is one AWESOME CLOSET!! FUN and ORGANIZED!!!! His latest kit gift looks COOL. :):)


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