Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A (smallish) house addition

For the past 5 years, the four of us have been sharing a bathroom.  While we do have another full bath (in the attic), we have not had a master bathroom.  In all honesty,  it really hasn't been a big deal but, as the children have gotten older, we have found ourselves wishing more and more for a little privacy.  I'm super excited to say that we are adding on a master bath!  And, since our bedroom is on the second floor and a second floor addition can't hang out by itself, we are adding a screen porch too!  Bryce and I have always adored screen porches.  We had one on our very first home and have been hooked ever since.

Today, they started the work to pour the footers!  It was exciting and a little nerve wracking to finally get started.

The addition is actually very modest.  In fact, when I saw the outline of the size of what will be our screen porch, I panicked a little that it was going to be too small.  Bryce had to remind me that we chose to stay within the scale of our existing house and that the bathroom size directly influenced the porch size.  Our greatest wish is that this addition will not scream "addition."  We tried with our other renovations to keep everything up to date and fresh while maintaining the original feel of the house.  I want it to feel as if it could have been here all along.  Therefore, a ginormous bathroom really wouldn't do (and is unnecessary).

Of course, I'll be sharing updates along the way!


  1. All right! We loved getting these photos and reading your thoughts on the addition. Glad to hear more updates will follow. This is great!

  2. That is very exciting indeed! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. It looks like like the porch will be the perfect size for 4 chairs, or a bistro table and chairs. I know y'all will do a fantastic job.

  4. Talk about jealous...I am so envious! Very cool! When we moved from Az we had a HUGE master room, with a HUGE mater bath. I thought I would die when we bought a small house with 3 small bedrooms and 1 bath to share!(we have a half bath, and a full in the basement too!) NO master bedroom or bath! We bought the house for the beautiful yard and figured we would add on a master room and bath..and enlarge the living room and kitchen. I have to admit...we have loved the closeness, and feel it has been a GREAT blessing to our family! Like you, the kids are getting we may have to follow in your footsteps...soon! =)
    I am excited to watch as the new addition!


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