Saturday, June 11, 2011

Horse Show

*Warning- This is going to be a picture heavy and a "gushing mother" post.*
Grace participated in her first horse show today.  She has been riding since the fall and we really love the barn where she rides.  This year, the equestrian center decided to host a show for all of their riders.  It was a wonderful experience for Grace!

She was very nervous beforehand but conquered her fear and did wonderfully well!  She rode Scout, who had been ridden earlier in the morning and had had a bit of a hard time (nerves maybe?), but other than being a little reluctant to cantor at first, he performed beautifully!

I overheard Grace telling Scout exactly what moves they were going to be doing.  It was sweet.

As I listened to the judges calling out all the moves they were to perform I must admit that I was astounded that Grace knew how to do all that she did.  She always amazes me with all that she knows about horses!

She won a second place ribbon!

We are so very proud of our girl!


  1. What a wonderful experience. I rode at a local stable here when I was her age and I loved every minute of the experience, even cleaning the stabels (which they required us to do). She looks right at home with her friend!

  2. Grace, Gran and Grandpa Al have shown all of these pictures to all of your relatives here in North Dakota. We are all so proud of you!! Someday you need to come out to North Dakota and ride horses on the Maier Ranch!!!!

  3. I just found your blog and I'm so excited! I am expecting my first little one next month and will be stealing (hope you don't mind!)lots of your fun ideas. We have a "library wall" in the nursery as well and I can't wait to incorporate books in raising my little one. Your blog is sure to be a great resource! Thank you!

  4. This is a priceless post!
    I love all the pictures...she looks so happy, and comfortable! I think she belongs on a horse!
    Tell her congrats on 2nd place..we are proud of her, here in Iowa!

  5. Grace looks like a natural with her horse! I know you must have been so proud of her 2nd place finish--that's great!

  6. Mama gushing is what blogs are all about! What a beauty you have!!!! She looks like a pure natural!

  7. Just found ur blog! I do hunter jumper not sure about ur kid. Im a kid under 10. Can u look at my blog (day in a life of a pony rider) heres the link!


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