Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two bunnies and a bird

Children's artwork can be overwhelming in number.  And I have to be honest in that I don't keep the majority of things that the children come home with.  Is that awful?  I just don't have any soft spots for art that is not original work or that looks exactly like the other 16 pieces that their classmates made (where it's clear that someone told them exactly where to put the triangle or where to paint the dot).  The art I do love is often the work that they make, draw or build out of their own creative juices.  That being said both of my children took art with a wonderful art teacher during their kindergarten year.  Art is not offered in our school system for kindergarteners (they figure they get lots of arts and crafts) so taking this art class once a week was a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore basic principals of art with an amazing teacher.

One of my favorite pieces that the children worked on was a little bunny on canvas.  Though the children all painted the same subject I adore how different they turned out!  Grace's bunny has been hanging in the kitchen for three years (hers is on top) and now Harris' bunny has joined it.  The little bird was painted by Harris for me as a Christmas gift this year (Bryce swears up and down that he did not help Harris draw the bird!).


  1. Thank goodness I found someone else who throws things away!

    Sometimes I feel bad that the reason I don't want kids right now is because I don't want clutter and for my house to be a mess... haha

  2. Love the kids' canvases! Very nice!
    My son just finished preschool, and I am only keeping a few pieces from the school year. Everything else got tossed, but shh! don't tell Jonathan!

  3. those are amazing! Your kids are amazing artists! I don't save "cookie cutter" projects either...I prefer the special ones! Although, we seem to have quite the collection!


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