Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Girl Cafe

Our trip to the American Girl Doll Cafe and store for Grace's birthday was nothing short of perfect.  It's  easy and fun to take Grace to special places because she is so very appreciative, excited and enthusiastic.  She must have told her Grandma and me a dozen times that she was "in a dream!"

American Girl really knows how to do it right.  Our lunch was delightful-  Grace's doll even got to partake in all the excitement!  We toured the store, particularly the historical girls section, and made a few birthday purchases (Grace had been saving for months).  All in all it was a wonderful birthday celebration!

P.S.  We had green eggs and ham tonight to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday!


  1. Oh to have a little girl to do sweet things like that with! So cool. Glad she had a great birthday.

  2. Happy you all had such a special day. Seeing all those pictures of the polka dot creations was just delightful!

  3. What a grand and special celebration!!!!

  4. She looks so happy!
    A perfect day!!!


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