Thursday, March 10, 2011

Milk Jars

This might be one of those posts where some of you shake your heads and think that I'm absolutely crazy.  And you are most likely right.  But I'm a happy kind of crazy so I'm good with it!

We purchase our milk every week from a local producer which is awesome and very economical but messy in that the bottoms of the cartons are always fairly dirty from being on the line.  This has always given Bryce a bit of the skeevies but its been easily remedied by giving the cartons a quick wipe.

As soon as I spotted these ceramic milk cartons I knew that I could solve the messy bottom issue and make pouring milk a whole lot prettier (that's where part of the crazy comes in- since when did pouring milk need to be pretty?).  Yes, it's an extra step of decanting the milk, but to me it is worth it.  It doesn't hurt that it looks awfully charming at the dinner table!


  1. Love it! Does that mean I am crazy too:)?

  2. Those are really pretty! I love that you buy your milk local.

  3. That is the kind of crazy i like! Those bottles are beautiful.

  4. that is absolutely awesome...I love the milk jugs...and I love that you buy your milk locally...its the best!

  5. Learning about people like Einstein may just help produce an Einstein in your family. Who knows! What a great day you had. That pin Harris is wearing is cool. The book looks very interesting. What a great way to carry the theme through to home.


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