Monday, March 28, 2011

Spice Cabinet

Several weeks ago, I started "The Great Clean-Out."  I've decided to leave no cupboard, surface or bin untouched in my effort to organize and purge!  One of the first things that I cleaned out was my spice cupboard because it was in desperate need of some help!

Years and years ago, I bought the spice set from the now defunct Martha Stewart Catalogue for Living.  The spices came in little round tins and sat on a shelf on the countertop.  However, when we renovated the kitchen I had a pull out cabinet put in specifically for my spices because I didn't want to clutter my counters (though one could argue that they are indeed still cluttered!).

I still use the tins because I find them to be much more convenient to use rather than the bottles that many spices come in (any size measuring spoon will fit!).  The problem was that the names of the spices were on the front of the tin, in teeny tiny print, and I was looking down from the top.

My solution was to put chalkboard labels on the top of each spice tin.  The chalkboard label also allows me to put the date that the tin was refilled.  Did you know that dry spices are supposedly only good for a year?  I got the labels from the Etsy seller Natural Esscentials .  She was very helpful and let me order the exact number of labels I needed!


  1. That looks great! It must feel so good to get organized. I dislike the mess and time consuming process before the end product! That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  2. That is clever. And quite stylish.

  3. Everything looks perfect!
    I really need to clean my kitchen cupboards!

  4. Woweeee! Awesome work! I would be elated to have that kind of organization!


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