Friday, March 4, 2011

A Perfect Gift

My friend, Kathleen, has a knack for getting her friends and family the perfect gift.  For my birthday she got me a Janet Hill print that I absolutely adore.  I've been a Janet Hill fan for a while and have a seasonal print or two but this one now has a permanent place in my kitchen.

Besides being gorgeous you may wonder why it is such a perfect gift for me?  My full name name is Anna Leigh and if you look at the writing on the tomato tin it says, "Annali"!  I've just gotten it back from the framer and I LOVE it!  Thank you Kathleen!

P.S. See the cute little frog sugar holder by the coffee pot?  That was also a gift from Kathleen years ago!


  1. It is always wonderful to have friends who know you so well! I love your kitchen!
    You have inspired me to plan several theme days with my girls. We copied your chocolate day in fact. I am trying to plan a rainbow day for St. Patricks day which is in the middle of our Spring break. We will copy your rainbow cake for sure. I wanted to find a good book to go with the theme. My oldest is 9. Any recommendations?? Also, do you have a favorite place to find books?

  2. This is an awesome friend! Giving good gifts is not easy...and for me it is extra hard...I struggle with gift giving!

  3. Thanks Queen of Good Intentions! I love that you are doing theme days! I've saved up some ideas for a rainbow day too! For some reason I find good rainbow books hard to come by. Last year we read, The Rainbow and You by Edwin Krupp. I think it would be great for a nine year old because it gets pretty technical! I'll let you know if I come up with more.

    Do you subscribe (via email) to the Horn Book reviews? I get a lot of ideas for books from there. Also, I have some great books that list lots of great books for specific purposes. I'll be happy to email the titles to you. And I have to admit that I have an addiction to Amazon. I should own stock!

  4. Thanks for the quick update and all the resources!! I can not wait to see what you do for your rainbow day. My daughter saw your rainbow cake a little while ago and is insisting on making it. I think the Rainbow and You will be great! You are very kind to share!!

  5. There is a cute but by Dolly Parton called "you are a rainbow" it geared more toward younger children, but super cute.


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