Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Peter Rabbit

In the last post I mentioned that our children's garden has its very own Peter Rabbit. At first we thought it was very cute and fun to have a bunny in the garden but that changed quickly as our moonflower and morning glory vines were snipped in two and plants were munched down to the nub.

Our blueberries have slowly been disappearing. We assumed it was the birds (netting will have to be used next year!) but apparently the bunny has been helping himself as well. We thought it was fun to compare the real life version next to Beatrix Potter's version. If you squint and look really hard you can see our (horribly out of focus) Peter up on his hind legs eating the berries. Talk about life imitating art!


  1. How darling and frustrating all at once.

    We've recently moved to a semi-rural area and I think my husband's going to have a heart attack from all the wildlife snacking on our garden. Moles and rabbits and quail (oh my).

    What a fun way for children to grow up, though, getting to share the outdoors and see wildlife up close. Looks like Grace needs to add a furry friend to her garden journal.

  2. nugreat photo and amazing how you got such a great shot just like the book!

  3. Your bunny must be as unconcerned with people as our bunnies are by the looks of the good photos. It's sad about your blueberries. I can almost taste them. Hope your wildlife stay on the cute side.

  4. This is one thing deterring me from starting a garden. We have birds and bunnies that visit our backyard frequently and I know they'll be all over our little goodies. But I'm still thinking it's worth it; if only for the experience of growing something with the children.

  5. Over here from Ohdeedoh because I had to tell you what a lovely garden I think you've created for your kids! Those little mushrooms in the moss, the tunnel entrance, the wood's beautiful.


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