Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer and Camping t-shirts

It's official. Summer has begun! Yesterday marked the last day of school for Grace. I now have a third grader and a kindergartner. But I really can't talk about that yet.

The children and Bryce are embarking on their 3rd annual "School is Over, Let's Camp with Dad" trip. They are beyond excited and thrilled. Once again Bryce had t-shirts made to commemorate the event. He used the same basic drawing as last year but put in the new tent, took away Grace's bangs and added the new year. I think they are awesome.

P.S. Notice Harris' camping belt? That was Bryce's when he was little.

P.S.S. I miss them already.


  1. Got to be kidding,. No comments yet? Well, this is great stuff. A wonderful tradition for Dad and the kiddos! We love it!
    Gran and Grandpa Maier

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  3. Bryce, you're the greatest Dad ever! I like how you designed your camp shirts! You just updated the design from the last year and I like the new tent now.


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