Monday, June 14, 2010

A Garden Journal

Grace has started keeping a garden journal for the children's garden. I purchased the spiral bound journal from Bare Books and I just love how these book are literally blank canvases. It will be interesting to me to see how she chooses to use the journal. Will she write of her adventures in the garden? Keep track of what is planted, growing or blooming? Or simply sketch pictures?

Her first entry was sweet and simple. It tells of how we put fake toadstools in the corsican mint. I love that she knew what the ground cover was and her accompanying sketch makes me smile.

Even though the new toadstools are fake I think they are darling! I love the pop of red against the chartreuse of the mint!


  1. The great sketch of the garden and the bit of humor with the hungry bird made me smile. I got choked up on the written entry. It's so great Grace is journaling at such a tender age! What a treasure.

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