Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr. McGregors (boot) Garden

The children and I have recently planted a boot garden that we are lovingly referring to as Mr. McGregor's garden. Since we planted Thumbelina Carrots, Easter Radishes, Parsley and Chamomile and all are mentioned in The Tale of Peter Rabbit we thought it was an appropriate name. Not to mention the fact that we seem to have our very own Peter Rabbit in the garden. More on that later...

When Grace was a toddler, I came upon these frog boots in the clearance bin and bought them thinking that they would be cute for her when she was older. Of course, I didn't realize just how much older she would have to be. They are huge! They are so huge that I'm sure that by the time she or Harris could wear them they will not be at an age where they will want to wear frog rainboots!

Harris and I drilled holes in the soles of the boots so that water could drain out. It wasn't as easy as I assumed it would be. The fabric lining kept twisting with the drill bit and we finally had to cut away as much of the lining as we could.

We filled the boots up with dirt and planted the seeds in the heel, toe and middle.

Of course after we were done planting we had to read the Tale of Peter Rabbit. We are lucky enough to have a very large book that contains the whole Beatrix Potter collection. Of course the stories are charming and the illustrations beautiful.


  1. Great to see those clever green boots on the blog. Hope the planting is a success.

  2. I love everything Peter Rabbit! I was going to throw away a pair of similar ladybug boots that are old and worn- but, your post has inspired me to make them into a garden instead! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  3. I have a reading blog dedicated on Early Literacy and I have been trying to find someone that is passionate about helping children make the connection to books. I found your blog through Ohdeedoh (which I LOVE) and started looking around and found your great posts. Would you be interested in being a contributor to the blog. Here is the link. http://onthelap.blogspot.com/ If you don't feel you have time, would you mind if I simply linked up to your fabulous posts? I would love to share your ideas with other parents.


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