Monday, June 28, 2010

A frog sprinkler

Over the weekend while the rest of my family was enjoying time in the great out of doors, I was doing a bit of antiquing! I found myself in a favorite store eyeing an item that I've eyed for almost a year.

A year ago Gretchen told me about a frog sprinkler that she saw and really thought I needed to purchase. I went to see the frog sprinkler and couldn't really make up my mind about it. Was it ugly? Was it so ugly that it was cute? Was it weird? Or was it kitschy- in a good way?

The price was what made up my mind for me. It was too much to spend on something I was unsure about. So for the past year every time I found myself in the store I always asked them what their lowest price would be. It was always a little lower than it was before but still not enough for me to whip out my checkbook. Until this weekend.

Gretchen and I once again found ourselves in the antique store. This time the saleslady recognized me and laughed that I was asking (again) about this frog. However, this time the owner of the store was present and offered it to me for half off. Gretchen made me buy it.

I was still a little unsure until I got it home and hooked it up to the hose. And then I fell in love. I LOVE how the water comes out! It transforms the whole frog. Of course he looks right at home in the children's garden and actually does a thorough job of watering. And I suspect that on days where a pool visit isn't planned he will make a perfect sprinkler for the children to frolic around!


  1. I love it and I am so glad that no body else bought it while you were waiting!


  2. I really like it especially in the photo that it is sprinkling.


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