Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Star- or a Venus- is born

Today Grace and her classmates put on a show about the solar system. They have been working very hard on their lines and dance moves and it really showed. They did fantastic!

Grace was a wonderful Venus! She spoke her lines loudly, clearly and with expression. We were very proud of her.

Please take note that she lost yet another tooth. That's three in a row...literally. Pretty soon she is going to have to gum her food.


  1. how awesome!! i love your daughter's name...we are thinking of naming baby #2 that comes in august grace! sophia says gracie and it's just so precious.

  2. an awesome moment! Go get Grace's portrait done, Aiden lost 3 teeth all in a row and i never did get a good shot and regret it. Cute stage!

  3. She looks so confident in these photos! That's what we all want, right? To raise confident, self-sufficient, kind children. Pat yourselves on the backs, A & B!


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