Friday, June 11, 2010

Cherry Pie

I've never made a from scratch cherry pie and I thought it was time that I did. Plus, I have the best helper, a helper that will pit 2 pounds of cherries and be glad to do it.

We were able to use the Cherry Chomper that we got last year on our Vermont vacation (remember our beloved butter girl- he must be her cousin!). It doesn't get every pit everytime but it sure does make it fun for the children. Things started out relatively neat but got messy fast!

After all of the cherries were pitted it was easy to make the rest of the pie using one of Martha's recipes.

I'm not a huge fan of cooked fruit desserts, but I thought it was tasty and I did love how rustic it looked. Harris said he prefers "unroasted" cherries! Of course, we thought it also called for some vanilla ice cream. Yum.


  1. that looks scrumptious! i love fruit pies and from scratch - YUM! it is good to have good helpers around the house.

  2. Nothing beats great home-made cheery pie and ice cream. Yummm is right! We try to have it often here, but the cherries are the tart canned variety. How great to have fresh and pit them yourselves.

  3. Great work and way to add something personal to your home. When we moved into our new house we need to fix an existing cheap kitchen cabinet. These guys had an exact match! Amazing. . .


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