Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

I have a confession. I thought I might be embarrassed to tell you all that I did such a CRAZY and WACKY think but I'm surprisingly not. Maybe it's because I enjoyed myself so much!

I went to the midnight showing of New Moon. (You might remember my obsessive reading of the Twilight series) It was just myself and ten other of my fun loving friends... and an entire theater full of the local high school students.

My friend Gretchen hosted a late night gathering beforehand and she really out did herself with fun details. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after just a few pictures so I don't have many pictures of her cute decorations. I did get a few though...

Gretchen even gave us bags full of goodies to take to the theater.

P.S. I was standing in line to go to the restroom and as I walked away I heard a young girl behind me say, "I hope I'm not one of these Moms one day." I'm sure she finished the sentence with something about how pathetic it is. However, I've been thinking how glad I am that I'm still up for such fun endeavors and who really cares anyway? I wonder if in 15 years she will feel differently?


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