Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Harris!

Today was Harris' fifth birthday and to be honest I am astounded that he can possibly be that old! He brings such joy into our lives and certainly adds some spice. I thank God that he is ours.

Here's the top 10 things that I love about Harris right now...

1. He adores his father. On Sundays Harris has to wear a button down shirt and a belt because that's what his Dad wears. He asks everyday if it is a work day or if Bryce gets to stay home.
2. He's fairly sure he knows the answer to most things.
3. He says that when he is 5 he is going to start listening better. We'll see.
4. He loves Curious George.
5. He's an awesome helper. Anything from cooking to working with Bryce- he's up for it.
6. He's really good at tennis.
7. You can't push him around (he's stubborn like that).
8. He would rather spend time with his family than anyone else in the world.
9. He's up for almost anything. His standard answer is "sure" or in Harris speak "her."
10. When he sleeps at night he looks like an angel.


  1. OK. You got me misting up. We sure wish we could be there for every birthday for each of you and share in some of the joy. Have a great party!

  2. So sweet...I hope he had a wonderful birthday and I just love that hair!

  3. What a doll...makes me sad that I don't really "know" him!



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