Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pajama love

Both of my babies are sick. They both have the flu and Grace has strep throat as well! Needless to say we are staying in and lounging in our pajamas. I love pajamas. Really love pajamas. So of course I also love children's pajamas.

Grace and Harris have some of the comfiest, sweetest pajamas out there. Here are my favorites:

These are both from Boden and are super comfortable and cute. Mice and fairies? How can you resist?
These flannel pajamas from Garnet Hill are so cute. Grace has the chickens and Harris the rocket ships. I want a pair!

Over the years we have owned, worn and loved many a pair of Hanna Anderson pajamas. Recently, Bryce even got a pair. I know that many people think that it is cheesy to have matching family pajamas, but I say it is a great way to build family unity and tickles the children pink. It's not like you are going to wear them to the grocery store so who cares if it's cheesy. Right? That being said I probably won't post a picture of the three of them in their pajamas... Bryce might kill me.

I'm in love with this nightgown from Orient Expressed. It's even lovelier in person. It feeds into all of my romantic notions of what childhood should be like.

P.S. You might be wondering why I don't have a pair of the matching Hanna Anderson pajamas. Vertical stripes paired with tight fitting long john esque pajamas don't exactly sound like something that would be super flattering on my body type... so I've left this family bonding experience to Bryce and the children.


  1. I love the ones from Boden. So cute!!
    This year AnnaKate is wearing footie pajamas for the first time because she will not keep socks on. They are so cute!!!


  2. Sorry...did even say I hope the kids feel better!!


  3. Oh dear, I hope that we get better soon. Both mine had the flu last year and it was pitiful, but it does pass. Hang in there with those cozy PJs.
    We just got our Christmas Hannas last weekend. They are 20% off now.

  4. Gals
    You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.


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