Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

About a month ago Harris had an endoscopic exam to try to figure out why food sometimes gets stuck when he eats. The food won't come up or go down and it can be very frustrating for him. We got the diagnosis last week and unfortunately it wasn't really what we would have liked to have heard. He was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis or EE. Basically, it means that he is allergic to food (on the inside) and his esophagus is reacting by becoming irritated and inflamed. This is not good as it then can make it difficult for food to go down and will eventually create scar tissue that will narrow the esophagus for good. The million dollar question is what food or foods he is allergic to. In a couple of weeks we will begin testing for allergies and I pray that it is apparent what the allergy is and that it is not multiple foods.

I'm trying very hard to not jump to the worst case scenerio (feeding tubes and no food) and I vacillate on a daily basis between thinking that this is HUGE and life changing to thinking that it's totally managable and doesn't have to become the focus of our life. Right now, I'm thinking that we can work through this, find out what is the culprit and remove it from his diet. In a few years, we may even be able to reintroduce the the offending food! My thinking will probably change tomorrow...

P.S. The above picture has nothing to do with anything except that I love it-even though it's completely out of focus!


  1. I'm so sad you guys are facing this trial...there is nothing worse than knowing the ways in which our kids are vulnerable! But you know God loves him even more than you do - we're praying for Harris and for all of you as you head down this path. I can't imagine a family more equipped than you guys to get him through this!

  2. Anna, Just wanted to say that I am so sorry that Harris is having this problem--it's not something I am familiar with. Austin, Kelly's son, had allergy to milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. as a baby and toddler, and still has to be careful. He can eat products made with milk products, but still will have reactions if something has cheese on top or ice cream. Hopefully, he will complete outgrow it. I did read all of the info related to EE and I will continue to pray for all of you as you face the next weeks trying to identify his specific allergies. Hugs to Harris.

  3. Hey Anna
    We thought early on that AnnaKate had EE due to her swallowing issues. I completely understand the worry and fears that you are feeling. Hopefully, you can isolate the problem and handle this issue with some minor modifications. Just take it one day at a time and try not to look to far down the road...that will overwhelm you! I am sure that it is positive that he has been able to manage it thus far in his life.

  4. Anna,

    I came across your blog when EE popped up on my google alert. My daughter Gabriella was diagnosed with EE at the age of 13 months. She will be 4 in February. Sending many hugs and prayers that you find the culprit foods...not always an easy task.

    You can read about Gabby at:

    Take care,

    Lee Ann

  5. I can completely relate to how you feel. My son was diagnosed with EE recently after going through 9 months of testing. He just had a g-tube put in on 11-15 and it has been a blessing in disguise for sure. He is finally gaining weight for one thing! I have a blog about our day to day struggles with EE if you ever want to vent or swap stories. Good luck to you and your family!

  6. Eosinophilic esophagitis affects both the young and the old. While it may disguise itself as a food allergy in the young, older patients have recurring GERD and acid reflux as a common denominator among others. The bottom line is, have yourself checked to rule this out. Only a biopsy will confirm it, so it takes more than a simple talk with your doctor to say if you have it or not.

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  7. While eosinophilic esophagitis is a fairly new diagnosis, it’s heartening to find that there are already therapies to help manage it. Currently, this includes diet modifications and a host of investigational therapies by testing possible medications. More research is certainly needed in this area to address a medical condition that gets in the way of a very basic thing such as eating.

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