Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harris' Frog Birthday Party

Harris' birthday party was "toad"ally awesome! He had a great time with his friends and I had a great time planning the party. Forgive the long post but I really want to document all of the details (it's the details that make me giddy... I know five year olds don't really care but I do!). We set the tone of the party with the invitations and it was easy to come up with lots of ways to incorporate frogs into our day.

The Food

Creating this table was my favorite part of the party! I love Amy Atlas and her sweet table designs so that was my inspiration. I wanted to try to do a kid friendly, kid sized sweet table. On the table we had frog lollipops, gummi frogs, decorated sugar cookies, green M&M's, "pond water", green apple licorice sticks to use as straws and the cake.

The lollipops were super easy to make, and I think they turned out really adorable. I got it in my head that I wanted a lollipop stand so I made one using these instructions. It was easy and really cute.

The cookies had mini M&M's on them and sugar eyes. I already had the cookie cutter... we have a lot of frog things!

We usually have this bowl full of gummi frogs sitting on our kitchen counter so I didn't even have to buy them especially for the party.

The Cake

Bryce and I made and decorated the cake together- and we weren't even up too late doing it!

The Activities

We started the party by reading The Frog House by Mark Taylor. We then made frog houses out of terra cotta pots. The children painted them on the outside using paint made for terra cotta. (Before you judge me for having entirely too much time on my hands in which I made miniature banners for the homes please remember that we were home sick for 4 days!)

We went outside to catch flies (disguised as bubbles) with our frogs whose tongues were party blowers. Harris and I made the craft before the party.

Leap frog was played.

As was "leap on Daddy."

The Favors

The Guests

Really, what makes a party are the guests. I wanted to try to keep the party small so Harris was allowed to invite 5 friends (since he is five) which made the party fun and not too crazy (can you put a group of boys in a room and not have it be a little crazy?)! Of course, Grandma was in attendance and we were thrilled to have Leah (Bryce's sister) and Aaron to come as well. They always make a special effort to come for family events and it's appreciated! Plus, it was fun to see her looking so great at 7 months pregnant!


  1. What a happy birthday Harris party! So glad some family made it. Didn't know Leah was expecting. How wonderful! I think the frog tree is my favorite. It looks like you had good weather.

  2. A fabulous party! The Amy Atlas inspired table was too cute as was the cake. I am proud of you that you did not need to burn the midnight oil to make it!!


  3. Wow, what a great party! Love it all!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Anna! What a great party for a five year old--how lucky he is to have such creative parents. Love all the "green" (that's my color in any shade) and the cake was adorable. They grow up way too fast, don't they?

  5. That might be the cutest cake I have ever seen :) I also love the literature connections...

  6. What a great party! I love all the amazing frog foods you prepared. Looks like a ton of fun.


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