Monday, November 2, 2009

Harris' frog invitations

Much of this week will be spent getting ready for Harris' birthday party on Saturday. He chose to have a "frog" party (with no prompting from Bryce or I). I love how his invitation turned out. It was easy to put together and hopefully fun to open!

The frog's tongue unrolls to reveal the party specifics.


  1. Those are REALLY cute!! Can't wait to see what fun things you do!


  2. Those are adorable. The fly at the tip of the tongue just makes it!

  3. The way y'all do birthdays, it's no surprise you'll have a busy week. We anticipate seeing what games and food you create for the party.

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I love handmade invitations and the frog is so clever :) Thanks for sharing...


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