Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of 2nd grade

Grace had a great first day of school and seems to really like her class and teacher!

As always we took Grace's picture on our front steps. This year we added a sign with her teacher's name, the year and grade. I got this idea from my friend Carrie and I think that it is such a great way to document the new year!

Grace was very excited to receive her school cone. It's always a highlight of the first day of school.

The school's mascot is an alligator so I always try to include something with an alligator (I'm stockpiling alligator school supplies). The book is a really sweet book called, I Like Being Little by Charlotte Zolotow and it describes Grace to a T. Grace always tells us that she doesn't want to grow up because she loves being a child. This book addresses that in an utterly charming way and has a really sweet and enduring ending.

We had this year's theme printed on her pencils.

Off she goes to another year. Where oh where has the time gone?


  1. I love your celebration of the start of the school year. Our family made a big deal out of it this year as well, but I haven taken note of some of your traditions. Love the alphabet soup and letter breadsticks! Genius. I wanted to ask where you got the cone. What a neat thing.

  2. Yup. That last picture of Grace waving heading off to classes got to me. Interesting that she realizes being a child is so great that she wants it to last. Have a great school year, Grace!

  3. I love the theme, and I can't imagine a better one. I hope she has a wonderful year! You know how I love to talk shop, so call me if you have any Instructional Specialist needs! Love you! Grace is too cute in the waving picture!

  4. What a great way to kick off another school year!



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