Monday, September 14, 2009

Canning Lessons...yum

On Saturday I had an opportunity to attend a canning lesson. Gretchen won the lesson at her church auction and invited me to go along. Canning is something that I have wanted to learn but have always thought it to be a laborious and time consuming process. Well... I still think that it is somewhat laborious and time consuming but I really enjoyed the lesson and the outcome! I love the idea of having bottles of beautiful food put away to enjoy months after the season is over. There is something very comforting in knowing that you can make something now that your family can enjoy later.

We made hot pepper jelly that made my eyes, mouth and Gretchen's throat sting as we cut the peppers but boy was it good (it seems to me that 5 cups of sugar can make just about anything good!). I think that I might try to can some applesauce this fall, and I'm going to make it a goal to learn how to can Marilyn's salsa. My mother-in-law makes a salsa that is so good Bryce and I hoard our precious jars. Thanks to Gretchen for letting me tag along and thanks to Ted for letting us into your kitchen!


  1. OK, I have total compliment for you! I thought I was clicking on Martha's blog, but I was on your blog instead and I totally didn't realize it until I got to the part about your mother in law. I was kind of surprised that Martha had never canned before, but ok whatever, I kept reading. She doesn't have a mother in law, so I was a little confused. Then I realized I was on your blog. Your pictures looked just as good or better than Martha's. Kudos!

  2. I agree with Holly, and hats off to you for desiring to can. It is time consuming, but the jars are so cheery cooling in the window. Ya got me! There will be a jar of salsa in the next package to Pennington. Every day a few more tomatoes ripen. Last year I realized I should prepare them for salsa and freeze until there are enough for a couple batches. By that time hot weather us past and I can in comfort.

  3. Anna, I had to share about your pepper jelly--don't you love the satisfaction of seeing it in the jars? (I noticed you said "bottles"--shows you are young--my Mother canned all the time--it's "jars"!!!). My husband makes wonderful pepper jelly each year, and friends & family beg for it! Kelly's friends in N.C. have tried to get him to make it to sell, since she serves it at lots of functions! Do you spread it on a block of cream cheese and use with crackers? That's the way we enjoy it the most. We have made mostly green (a drop or two of food color) but have made red to use at Christmas time. I'm proud of you for trying to learn some "old-fashioned" methods of enjoying fresh fruits and produce.


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