Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion Week

Did you know that this week is fashion week in New York City? I'm not really one to follow the runway shows and the fashion of each season. Please don't get me wrong, I have a long standing love of clothes and all the accessories that go with them but the fashions on the runways seem to have very little to do with me. I do know that those fashions are what eventually trickle down to me, but by the time they do they look so very different from the runway fashions that I like them a lot better. Because let's just be honest...I can't wear what those models are wearing.

Grace has always had her own style of dressing...comfortably. Above all Grace wants to be comfortable. This past weekend she and Bryce were watching a tv show together (tennis maybe?) and there was a commercial for fashion week or a fashion tv show. This 20 second commercial inspired Grace to make a fashion book and I just had to share a few pages. I love her details. The laces on her shoes are my favorite. I believe they were inspired by her recently acquired tying skills.

Walking the runway

The School Kids Collection

The Groovy Girl Collection

The Sport Team Collection

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  1. Very cool! The hot chocolate (i'm already partaking on the coolest of fall days), the Groove designs, and the spiked soccer shoes are my very favorites. Go Grace!
    What's Harris doing these days?


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