Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebration Plate

I've always wanted a celebration plate for our family. It's a plate that dinner (or any meal) is served on when a family member has something- big or small- to celebrate. It's another way to recognize and celebrate moments in our lives.

I've often seen really cute celebration plates but none have really ever felt personal enough. Until now. I recently bought one from Aedriel on Etsy. She painted our logo on a plate, and I think that it turned out darling. I believe that she could paint just about anything and do an amazing job! (She's super nice to boot!)

My hope is that the plate will be a special tradition in our family and for our children.

P.S. Obviously, I've smudged out our last name on the plate. I'm trying to be a little cautious about that sort of thing.


  1. So cute and very personal to your family.

    My sweet friend, Cathy, made AnnaKate one for her first birthday and I love how special it is that someone made it just for her.


  2. Beautiful! We have a pink plate with a handpainted birthday cake for our daughter and a green one for our son that they got when they were babies. It is such a nice tradition.


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