Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Under Siege

Have I told you how very sweet our two kittens are? Coco and Lilly are really the sweetest kittens ever. They like to be held and sit in laps, they let Harris and Grace love on them all the time and they have never so much as hissed, scratched or given the children a mean look. That's saying something because if you have never seen Harris handle these kittens then you are missing out. He handles them! He is in love with those cats and lets them know it all the time. Please remember that 4 year old little boys don't always know the meaning of gentle or at least their interpretation is something altogether different than ours.

All the above being said, I must admit that our household is under siege. Here are some examples...

I've had to cover our chair with an old sheet because Lilly likes to sharpen her claws on it.

I've taken the slipcovers off of our chairs because the material is easily picked by claws and the tassels are too much of a temptation. I've even covered the ottoman with towels.

Even Rainbow, Grace's fish, isn't safe. Poor thing.


  1. I have to say that I can completely relate. We don't even have kitties, just a crazy, naughty baby. The picture of kitty watching the fish is great.

  2. I don't care....they are still the most adorable little things possible and my kids have complete kitty envy! (even if Matthew does puff up every time he is near them!) Hang in there, this too shall pass.


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