Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dining alfresco

Now that nice weather is here I have been working on getting our front porch scrubbed clean (however, the pollen seems to have other ideas!) and ready for use again.  One of the projects that Al and Bryce tackled together was hanging my strawberry chandelier!  I love how sweet it looks and tonight we ate our first meal of the season on the porch.  

Last summer I purchased a metal dining set at a local antique shop that was not really my style but the price was!  I needed a smallish table and everything new was both too big and too pricey so when I found this table and four chairs I decided to go for it.  I wanted all of the furniture on the porch to be the same color and I was fortunate enough to find the exact shade of sage in the Rust-Oleum line of paints.  It was a fairly easy job to spray paint them, and I think it made a pretty big difference.  My only complaint is that the paint does chip off fairly easily.



P.S.  While we were eating dinner we were joined by this little bird.  She has made a nest on one of our columns and I must say that it makes us happy that a bird has made a home on our porch.


  1. A perfect home for that lovely chandelier.


  2. That patio looks so inviting! Good job on the table & chairs--they look great! I was scrolling down reading some of your other posts and I love that you guys did a childrens garden! I can't wait to see more pictures!


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