Wednesday, May 6, 2009


April was National Poetry month and I fully intended to write some poetry with the children. We had several fun poetry books in our book basket and we did manage to read some of them, but we never got to the point of writing any. Truth be told, anytime I mentioned it to the children they sort of got blank looks on their faces and asked if we could do it later!

Yesterday, we were stuck inside and had just checked out a new book that had short, fun poems in it. The pictures were large and silly and one of the poems only had two words. After we had read through the book I suggested that we write a poem . At first I met with resistance from Grace who proclaimed she had no good ideas for poems. No less than one minute later she had written out a poem about a butterfly.
Yesterday it was a caterpillar
Now it is a beautiful site!

They wrote a few more and laughed at their poems. The whole writing session was over in no more than 10 minutes but at least they have explored a different genre of writing. Maybe next time it will last 11 minutes!
This is the book we read. Harris especially loved how silly some of the poems and pictures were.

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  1. Poetry can be some much...especially when it is silly~



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