Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Growth

I was a bit down today. I think that there are several reasons for this "funk" of mine. We have several projects going on that aren't yet completed and some have turned more complicated than expected, it has rained constantly for days and just doesn't feel like spring is going to arrive!
Tonight as I was pondering how it could possibly still be raining I came across these pictures I took a week or so ago. They reminded me that life does indeed go on and spring has arrived even though it's rainy and damp. I also saw pictures from when we first moved here and they reminded me that projects do eventually get done even if it feels like they never will! And according to the forcast the sun will come out tomorrow! Life really is good. even on days it doesn't always feel that way


  1. It's raining a lot here also. Trying to be thankful considering the past droughts, but it's getting old.

  2. I feel the same way today...it is rainy and depressing her too. I just want to crawl into bed.


  3. The allergies have flared up, and I'm sore from weeding, but for sure the sun always comes again. Jesus understands our blue times, and even tho we often don't remember...He is right there to console us!
    The new little blooms are exquisite!


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