Monday, May 18, 2009

Chickin Feed

We have been trying something new. A couple of weeks ago I found these tracking boards for charting what your children are eating everyday. Basically, it's the food pyramid done cute! All your chicks start off on the left each day and progress to the right as they eat the alloted food group. It has really helped the children to understand what it means to eat nutritionally balanced meals and has been a bit of a game to them. They have even clamored to eat more of whatever group they are missing for that day! I have found it helpful to me when packing their lunches and planning our menus for the week.

I will admit that it has been difficult to make sure they eat all the recommended vegetables! We eat at least on vegetable with dinner but lunch and snacks are a different story. I haven't really figured out how to regularly send vegetables in their lunch (besides carrot sticks and soups). Any suggestions you have would be appreciated!

P.S. I thought the tracking boards were a bit expensive so I emailed Leslie (the mother hen) and asked if she had any specials. I ended up getting 30% off and free shipping!


  1. The saying when I grew up was, "You are what you eat". Being aware of the importance of nutrition will surely serve the children well through their lives. What a clever and helpful idea!

  2. How neat and stylish...what color did you get??


  3. I love these! I admit that for right now, I count veggie chips as a serving of veggies for Annika. I keep offering every other type under the sun to no avail!

  4. ok, this would count as a sweet and a vegetable but they are yummy. buy a box of Duncan Hines Chocolate devils food cake mix mix it with a large can of pumpkin- just pumpkin not the pumpkin pie mix. Mix these two ingredients and just a little water maybe 3 Tablespoons. SPray muffin tins and bake for 18- 20 minutes at 350. They are very yummy you can't taste the pumpkin.


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