Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm one lucky gal because my husband got me a Mother's Day gift that I will always have and love! 

I think a little back story is in order.  A few weeks ago Bryce and I went to a nearby town that has great antique stores.  We were looking for a piece to go in our dining room.  As luck would have it, we found nothing that would work but, as we were looking, we did find a lovely vanity.  I loved it right away.  I thought about it all week and even called to get the dimensions.  Bryce never really seemed that interested in it.

Fast forward to Mother's Day.  Bryce suggested that we take the children (and my Mom) to continue to look for a dining room piece.  Frankly, I thought he was crazy!  Why, oh why would we take the children antiquing?  But we went and we once again went in the same store from our last trip.  I told my Mom I wanted to show her the vanity but as we approached I realized it had a SOLD sign on it.  I sadly told the family that it was sold and then Harris looked up at me and said, "But you're taking it home."  I was thrilled!

We were told the vanity is probably from the 30's and it is marked as made in France (that in of itself makes it seem glamourous to me!).  It is made of Fruitwood, has all wooden peg construction and is still in really good shape.  The middle piece unfolds to reveal a mirror and the two sides open up to a shallow compartment and a deeper one.  There is also a pull out tray under the mirror and it has two small drawers. 

My favorite part about the whole piece is the lining inside the two compartments.  It's like a little secret surprise!  The paper that was used is so sweet and feminine.  

The vanity fits perfectly under our bedroom window and it's a relief to not be in the bathroom to put on my makeup.  It also feels very old fashioned and feminine to have a pretty vanity.  I love it and I thank Bryce for recognizing that it was a special piece!


  1. What a neat piece of furniture. I like how Bryce gave it to clever!

    I also really like the carpet in your pretty!


  2. It's great the children could keep the secret so you would have the agony of disappointment thus the joy of the surprise. Of course I agree that Bryce is indeed a gem of a guy. The vanity is truly special.


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