Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Children's Garden

One of the best things we have ever done for the children was put in a garden just for them.  When we lived in Atlanta I loved taking the children to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, especially the Children's Garden.  Years ago I cut a children's garden plan out of a magazine in hopes that we would one day install one.  The summer after we moved here we did!  I love this garden so much and so do the children.  It has become a destination in our own yard!  We play, create, picnic, learn and read in the garden.  

We have had to change some of the plantings because we have more shade than some of the plants in the plan could tolerate.  We add to the garden every year and change things that don't work. As the children get older they help more and more in the garden and it is clear they know more about gardening now than I did when we first began!  I should be really clear that I know very little about gardening and this has been a true learning experience for us all.

  I thought I would share some of the pictures from when we first installed the garden. 

We put the garden in the very back corner of our yard.  It was all grass so we had to rent a sod cutter and shape the garden.  
In the middle of the garden is a gigantic sandbox.  Bryce built it using a plan from a Martha Stewart Baby magazine.

What's nice about the sandbox is that lots of children can comfortably fit in it and because it is high it doesn't get really dirty.  We do keep it covered though, when it's not in use.

The first year.

P.S.  I'm really excited to share the garden and I want to document as much as I can of the garden, so I'm sure there will be lots more gardening related posts. Wow, I just used the word garden three times in one sentence.  I guess I am excited!


  1. I am so glad you posted your children's garden. I was going to ask you to give me some details about it. We have finally finished clearing our backyard and now we are trying to figure out what to do with it. thanks!

  2. Hi, I love your garden! Just wondering if you know where I can find the plans for building the sandbox? My husband is wanting to build one...and I LOVE the one you have built!


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