Sunday, January 25, 2009


I made my favorite soup tonight for dinner.  It's from Susan Branch's cookbook, Heart of the Home, and I've been making it for a long time*.  I always think of it as a girly soup because it's not meaty and heavy, but Bryce also loves it.  I like to  double the recipe so that I can have leftovers.  I also skip the food processor and use my immersion blender.  Heavenly.

*  When I first began to cook my Mom told me a story about a family she had read about.  The Mom had cancer and was in the hospital for an extended period of time.  While she was there the family had a housekeeper who helped with the children and cooked dinner for them.  After the Mom came home the Dad told the housekeeper that he was amazed at how well she had fed them during this terrible time.  He asked how she knew all of their favorite foods.  She told him that his wife had made notations in all her cookbooks as to what was good, what were favorites and what wasn't a hit.  What a blessing in such a difficult time.   I make notations in my cookbooks not only because of this story but also because it's fun to look back and see on what occasion I first made a new recipe.  


  1. We'll be trying the soup. May not puree and may add ham for meat-loving Grandpa. I date and leave a comment in our soup recipe book the first time I make it, then date each time I make it after that, which is once/winter. It takes that long to go thru all of the soup recipes in the book!
    Just pulled a cherry pie out of the oven, and wish you were here to enjoy it and a cup of coffee with me.

  2. I also date my recipes when I first try them and make a note wither to even try it again. I also cross out all the ingredients I don't use and usually end up changing a few others. Now that I think about it, I never follow a recipe except for maybe bread. I know Bill's tastes and I know ahead of time what not to include.

  3. This looks so yummy Anna! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing - my favorite recipes are the ones I've gathered from friends.

  4. I fondly remember having this soup at your house for lunch one day!

    I also stole this idea from you. I have always written in my cookbooks because of you. I love looking back at the things I wrote.

    Keep sharing your great ideas!


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