Wednesday, January 7, 2009


About a month ago, Jeni asked how I kept ideas straight from one year to another.  My answer- binders.  Ever since I can remember I have loved to cut out of magazines and create binders.  When I was a teenager I created beauty binders!  Whenever I see an idea that I like and think I might use someday I cut it out or print it out and put it in the appropriate binder.  I have many!  The ones that get used the most are the Holiday ones, good things for children, travel and meal ideas.  And of course the party one gets pulled out at least two times a year!  Grace loves to go through and look at all the fun cake ideas.  

I've recently noticed a shortage of new ideas in my binders, and I've realized that it's because I don't get nearly as many magazines as I used to, especially children's (I will never stop lamenting the demise of Martha Stewart Kids and Baby).  

The holiday binder is divided into months.  That way I can flip through and see what holiday or occasion is in that month (besides the obvious, there's Groundhog day, poetry month, Dr. Suess' birthday, etc).

Child magazine (which has since gone under) used to do a column every month on what to do with kids in a specific city.  I also save anything that sounds like we might even remotely be interested in doing.  That's how we found Shelburne Farms and that was a fantastic vacation.  I don't think I ever would have found out about it otherwise.


  1. What a great idea. I used to do this when I was teaching, but have'nt thought about using it for the home.
    Might have to adapt yout idea myself!

  2. I can say I stole this idea from you years ago. I love it!

    I also have found I put less in it beacuse there are less magazines in my home! :)

    I love flipping through them and getting inspired.


  3. Great concept. You have to have a certain way of thinking to keep it up though. (Happy Birthday)

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  5. I do the same thing:)
    It helps to keep the magazine rack under control.


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