Monday, January 5, 2009


Does everyone have Alfie? When we renovated our bathroom we put Alfie, the handshower, in and he has made such a difference! Both of the children still take baths and Alfie helps with hair rinsing, body rinsing and tub rinsing. Plus, he's just really fun.

When we lived in Atlanta, I only drank coffee on the weekends. When we moved here I started drinking coffee every single day. I think having a warm mug to hold onto was a comfort to me and now I'm addicted.

Macs and the Internet
Bryce has always been a lover of Macs so we purchased one as soon as we were able to. I love it. It makes things so easy! I can easily organize recipes, finances, addresses and photos to name a few, and I don't pull my hair out trying to figure out how to do it all. I also use the Internet a tremendous amount. I did a lot of shopping online after the children had gone to bed for Christmas and didn't have to experience the crowds and searching at the stores.

Immersion Blender
I got my immersion blender for Christmas a few years ago and have loved it ever since! I no longer have to pull out my food processor every time I need to puree soups so it saves time and dishes. I also used it with baby food.

Shower Cap
Seriously. My hair gets frizzy at the very mention of humidity, but by using this shower cap my hair can maintain its semi frizz free status just a little longer. It doesn't hurt that it is cute.

Grocery List
This is a small thing but makes a big impact on time in the grocery store. I got a pamphlet at our market that lists what products are in each aisle. Bryce whipped up a spreadsheet with the aisles and when I make my menu for the week I put the ingredients in the correct aisle. I no longer have to make trips back and forth through the store because I forgot something back in aisle 1!

About five years ago, I missed a friends baby shower because I forgot all about it. Instead, I was doing exciting things such as shopping at Target and cleaning the house! At the time I didn't have a calendar and just kept it all in my head. Clearly, that wasn't working. Since then I have been using the MomAgenda and have had great success with it. We've recently been trying out the online calendar, Cozi, which so far has really worked out because Bryce can access it from work.


  1. What a good list! I also use some of those things and they make my life just a little easier. I am a big fan of the immersion blender since I make soups weekly for lunch and I also make my grocery lists in order of the store layout.

    Something that is not a thing but makes my life easier is planning all meals for the week on Sunday and shopping only once a week. I like knowing that I have everything ready for a great healthy dinner.

  2. I love the list! Here are a few of my own: my hard-boiled egg slicer, our Boon Frog that keeps the tub toys tidy, my Dirt Devil Kone, coffee cup caddy, coat rack, and our folk-art key hook made out of a vintage postcard of Florida.

  3. Very cool items. We also use a calendar, and as everyone who knows me knows.....a roll of paper towels is my MOST needed and used item. Hope you get lots of comments on this one.

  4. We need Alphie. We have that pitcher thing that is *supposed* to mold to the head and keep water out of the eyes. Nope--not a good thing.
    My favorite easy thing is my Dust Buster (Dirt Devil), how did I ever live without it?

  5. Great list! I have always loved the calendar...although last year my Calendar on my Blackberry has saved me. What would I do with out my reminder alarm?

    BUT...I have to add digital cameras and Snapfish. Family pictures are my hobby. I love that I can take 347 on Christmas Day and not have to print them all. I also make Memory Books on Snapfish. I add the best pictures and captions. I usually make a book for every quarter, a special book for our vacations, and a book each Christmas. I treasure these books. Elizabeth also gets them out about once every two weeks to look through them.

    BTW...I am really enjoying the Blog!

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