Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The children have really gotten into playing games.  They play with each other, with us or sometimes by themselves.  Harris received Zingo for his birthday and it has been played at least once (but usually multiple times) every day since.   

For several years we have had the matching game, I Never Forget a Face, by Eeboo and it also never seems to get old.  As a bonus my children can now name the countries that the children are from! 
 Grace also really like to play checkers, Harris is getting better at it.  It's fun to have Family Night and play games that we can all participate in.  Anybody else have more game suggestions?    


  1. Grace is an excellent checker player!
    She always beats me---and Grandma is the one who taught her to play!!

  2. Games are good. You might look up dice games on the internet. They can be a learning tool as well. I played Chinese Checkers as a child and loved it. I think it was one game I could do well.


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