Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mud Room

It has been a while since I posted about the renovation.  We might not yet have had a huge snowstorm this season, but we have had a lot of winter weather.  We've had snow, ice and it's been cold!  Which means we have worn mittens, scarves, boots, hats, and snowsuits.  I've been so thankful we included a mud room as  part of the kitchen renovation.  

This little room was part of the house before the renovation, but it had narrow kitchen cabinets lining the lower walls and was basically unusable for anything but a bit of limited storage. (Oddly, the listing for this house named this room the "eat-in kitchen!")  The bathroom door was also not in this room, it was off the kitchen.  I've been really happy with the brick tiles that we put down for the floor; they don't show dirt and can really take a beating.  

We had the bench and cabinets built-in on the back wall. We each have a basket for all of our stuff and after the season is over I store the items for next season in the baskets above the bench. During the winter, we have hats, scarves and mittens where we need them. In the summer, we have towels, sunscreen and insect repellant at the ready.  You can't see the other wall of the mudroom in the pictures but he also have a window which lets in nice light and we have just enough room for an umbrella stand and a key holder.  All in all, it's really nice to have a place for everything as soon as we walk in, or on our way out the door.

P.S. I love the fabric on the cushion that my Mom's frogs.

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  1. That is the perfect mudroom! I'd love to see more of your renovation! Did your husband do this?


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