Friday, January 30, 2009

Chick fest

Grace's class hosted a chick party yesterday in honor of the newly hatched chicks.   The first graders get to participate in a program that allows the children to watch chicks hatch from their eggs.  The eggs were brought in last week and hatched earlier this week.  One
 classroom even had a "chick cam" set up so that over the weekend we could check in on them to see if any had hatched!  On Thursday the chicks were big enough (it's astonishing how fast they have grown) to be handled.  Grace and Harris really loved holding them!  


  1. Oh, I love it! How sweet, I want one!

  2. What did you make for the chick party??

    So fun....

  3. The children's great Grandma Schulte on the farm, bought at least a hundred little chicks like those and raised them to hen-size to collect and sell the eggs. We loved chick time. It would be special to have a picture of the brooder house floor covered in peeping little yellow chicks. So glad the children are experiencing them.


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